Cookie Policy

Our Company respects your concerns in relation to Personal Data Protection and values our relationship with you. This privacy, Cookie and Data Protection Policy ("Policy") is only valid for personal data that are collected through Metropolitan Hotels websites, web pages, interactive features, applications, widgets, blogs and related contents that are accessed through computers, mobile devices, other technological devices (collectively "Device") and also through Twitter, Facebook or other social websites and their related contents (collectively "Sites").

This Policy describes the types of personal data that we collect through Sites and way we follow when collecting these data and/or with whom these data may be shared. This Policy also describes how you may reach us in order to update your contact information, access your personal data in relation to marketing communications and activities and to control the use of your personal data or to find answers in relation to our privacy applications on these Sites. As you are deemed to approve that you fully understand and accept the regulation of this Policy by using these Sites, please read the Policy attentively. Also, please review the conditions of use which manage your use of these Sites and the content you send to these Sites.

 Just like many other companies, Metropolitan Hotels uses "cookies" and similar tools on the sites in order to increase the performance and to improve the user experience.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are inserted on your Device. They help to analyze the web traffic and to enable the web applications to respond you as an individual. Web applications can collect and remember data in relation to your preferences and can adapt the processes according to your needs, likes and dislikes. Some cookies may include personal data; for instance, if you click "remember me" option when you sign in, the cookie may save your username. Most cookies do not collect personal data that cause your identity to be detected, and instead, they collect general data about how the users enter our Sites, how they use our Sites or the general condition of the users.

Why Do We Use The Cookies?
Metropolitan Hotels can upload cookies or similar files for security reasons and in order to state if you have visited the Sites before, to remember your language preferences if you are a new visitor or to facilitate your exploration on the site in another way and to personalize your visit experience on our Sites. Browser cookies enable us to collect technical and navigational data such as the time spent on our Sites and the visited pages. They also allow us to determine our best advertisements or offers which may be more appealing to you and to present you these advertisements or offers during your visits on our Sites. The cookies may save your preferences while visiting a significant Site and may improve your online experience. In the general sense, cookies help us to track which pages you may find advantageous or non-advantageous and to provide you a better Site. Cookies do not allow us to access any other information except the data that you want to share with us.

What types of cookies do we use?
Generally, the cookies used on the Sites can be categorized as:

  • Session Cookies: These cookies are used on 'sessions' regarding your each visit on the Site, and they expire after a short while as you sign out from the Site. They are not permanently saved, they do not include any personal data, and they help to decrease the need for the transfer of personal data on the Internet. These cookies can be deleted, or you may prevent their use. However, this preference decreases the performance of the Sites and limits your experience. These cookies also use timestamps which save your access time to the Site and log out time from the Site.
  • Tracking Cookies: These cookies enable us to know the visitors of our Sites continuously. By matching an anonymous, randomly created identification identifier, tracking cookies keep registers of where the users of our Sites come from, what type of search engine they may use, which link they have clicked on, which keyword they have used and where they are located in the World at the moment they have accessed the Site. We can make improvements on our Sites by tracking these data.
  • Permanent Cookies: This cookie type is saved on your Device and is not deleted when the browser is closed (sometimes a few hours, sometimes a few years or more). The permanent cookies are used when we need to remember who you are, in more than one session. For instance; this cookie type may be used in order to save your preferences. So, your preferences are remembered when you visit the Site again.
  • The Performance Cookies and Analytical Cookies: The Performance cookies are used to analyze how the Sites are used and to track their performance. So, they allow us to improve your Site use experience. These cookies help us to adapt the Site in order to reflect the contents that the users find most interesting and to detect the technical problems related to the Sites. We may use these data in order to create reports that may help us to analyze how the Sites are used, determine the most common problems and understand how we may improve the Sites.


Can Cookies Be Prevented?
You can accept or reject the cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. Yet, you can change the settings of your browser to reject the cookies if you desire. To change your settings in this regard, you can follow the instructions of the web browser that you use.