Imagine an ambiance where the sky melts into the sea, creating an earthly paradise. Now visualize that ambiance with the most vivid colors, intense tastes and heavenly views you have ever seen. Or just stop dreaming and come here to experience a real moment, another Ankara.

With the touch of Aktif Group, Azure is working to redefine luxury from new perspectives in select locations of the world. Ankara is one of the first selections of this touch.

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Your soul will merge with the eternal blue.

Located on the terrace floor of Metropolitan Hotel built in Ankara by Aktif Group, Azure Ankara opens to the sky with a texture created as carefully as the building itself.

It tells us how things are transformed just by a change of perspective and that life is shaped depending on where we stand to look at it. Viewed from here, everything gains an insatiable beauty.

A flavor can take you to an unplanned journey.

Food that you have tasted countless times or recipes that will be a first time for you… Azure Ankara promises an experience of discovering new tastes even when sipping water.

Most special meals from the world cuisine and timeless recipes have no patience for setting off the hands of passionate chefs and coming to surprise your soul.

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A magical cloud of dreams...

The landscape is already on the verge of carrying you away. And the most select types of tobacco from the world have joined inside magical hookahs. Breathe in the miracles of the moment and puff out your dreams into the sky.

Premium Tobacco

Have you ever sipped the rainbow?

The miraculous combination of fruits flows into your glass as if portraying a waterfall running down from eden.

Flavors skillfully gathered together pour out from surprises for you and blend to create our matchless cocktails.

Fruit juices feeling as fresh as right from trees, smoothie drinks, premium tea and coffee options, all fill your body with happiness in every sip.

Delicious Cocktails

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Add new photographs to your collection of lovely memories...